Works in Progress

Works in Progress

If you’re curious to see what I’m working on, you’re in the right place.

I write fantasy and science fiction novels for young adults. You can learn more about my projects on this page!

Blood Beneath the Snow

My YA fantasy novel, Blood Beneath the Snow, is the one that got me my agent! You can read the story of my querying journey here. In this novel, a young girl named Revna is pitted against her four older brothers in a fight to the death for the throne. Without magic, the chances of her becoming a martyr are high. But when she’s kidnapped and learns that her country’s most powerful enemies want her on the throne as well, she’s forced to decide who she can trust. The decision could cost her own life and the lives of her friends. Blood Beneath the Snow is currently undergoing revisions in preparation for submitting to editors! Check out its Pinterest board here.

The Minotaur Project

The Minotaur Project is a young adult, science fiction, sapphic retelling of the Greek myth of Theseus and Ariadne. When bounty hunter Thea and her newest assignment, cultist’s daughter Ari, are stranded together on an abandoned space station, they’re forced to work together to escape the clutches of cybernetic corpses⁠—or risk becoming death machines themselves. This novel is completed, but currently awaiting its turn in the spotlight! You can view the Pinterest inspiration board for The Minotaur Project here.

Current Manuscript

I’m currently drafting another YA fantasy novel about necromancers (insert eyes emoji here). At the moment, I’m keeping this one close to my chest while I write, so I’m not going to share the premise just yet, but if you’re curious, feel free to check out the Pinterest board I made for inspiration here!