5 Author Newsletters Worth Subscribing To

If you’re a looking to stay in-the-know about your favorite authors and what they’re up to, chances are you’ve signed up to receive their newsletters. While each author’s newsletter is different, they often help give you insight to the writer’s life and their process. As an extra bonus, some even contain craft tips to helpContinue reading “5 Author Newsletters Worth Subscribing To”

5 Pitch Event Tips for Writers

So you’ve decided you’re ready to pitch your novel in an event on Twitter… For those who might be unaware, there are often events held on Twitter where writers can use specific hashtags and pitch their novels in a single tweet. Literary agents will get involved and like any of the pitches they want toContinue reading “5 Pitch Event Tips for Writers”

How to Polish Your Hook in a Query

Hi friends! I mentioned offhandedly a few times on social media that I was thinking about making a video discussing some of the most common issues I’ve seen while helping people edit their query letters, but I think such a resource would be useful to have as a blog post as well. I’ll put theContinue reading “How to Polish Your Hook in a Query”

My Query Letters

Hi friends! Many writers will tell you that writing a query letter takes an entirely different skillset than writing a book. I’ve found that to be true as well. As such, I know one thing that really influenced my ability to write query letters was reading successful query letters other authors had written. For thisContinue reading “My Query Letters”

How I Got My Agent

The process of submitting to literary agents⁠—called querying⁠—is many things. Difficult. Time-consuming. Stressful. Often accompanied by anxiety and depression wondering whether you’re good enough to make it in the industry and, even if you are, whether you’ll submit your work to the right agent at the right time and they’ll fall in love with itContinue reading “How I Got My Agent”